Police, Fire and Military personnel put their lives on the line everyday to keep the public safe.  However, if their protective equipment is harboring harmful bacteria their lives could be at RISK!

Dangerous bacteria will grow deep in the materials of all protective gear,  facilities and vehicles.  Protect your officers from contracting any skin infections due to their gear and work environment.

US Marshals, Department of Homeland Security, US Military, and various police agencies all use the same Sani Sport machine that Sports Defenders operates.  Our machines will sanitize and disinfect not only protective gear, but also vehicles and facilities.  This is a very cost-effective solution for efficiently sanitizing advanced and expensive law enforcement equipment without the use of water or harmful chemicals.

Advantages of allowing Sports Defenders to sanitize your officers equipment/facilities:

  • Dangerous pathogens, bacteria, viruses and foul odors removed from tactical equipment, vehicles, and facilities
  • Extends the life of expensive protective equipment
  • Ozone cleaning process does not cause any performance degradation to ballistic vests (View report)
  • Equipment can be worn immediately after the process

Law Enforcement applications include:

  • Patrol Units Body Armor (ballistic vests, gloves, boots, etc)
  • K-9 equipment (ballistic vests, bite suits, bite sleeves, bedding, vehicles, etc)
  • Mounted Patrol (helmets, equestrian blankets, etc)
  • Motorcycle Unit (helmets, jackets, boots, etc)
  • Tactical Unit (Body armor, gas masks, goggles, gloves, boots, etc)
  • Ordnance Disposal (bomb disposal suits, etc)

Our facility machines address the bacteria, viruses, etc in any enclosed spaces.  This technology will sanitize ambient air and significantly reduce bacteria and viruses on all hard surfaces including floors, walls, ceilings, desks, door handles, etc.  Applications include:

  • Locker rooms/showers
  • Weight rooms
  • Holding cells
  • Training facilities
  • Police vehicles / K-9 vehicles

Demonstrations Available!

Sports Defenders will perform a FREE demonstration of our services so you can see the difference for yourself. Don't you deserve the same protection as the pros? Defend your team and stop the bacteria!

FREE Demonstration!

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What Our Customers Say...

I liked the machine so much I purchased two myself. When we run the team's equipment through it, they just love it and continually ask for it to be done again and again.

Bert Godin
Head Equipment Manager, St. Louis Blues