School and athletic programs devote a lot of financial resources in sports training, but all that hard work is jeopardized if infection invades your teams.

Serious ramifications of an infected athlete includes:

  • Loss of Playing Time
  • Declining Public Images
  • Legal / Medical Bills
  • Decrease in Recruitment
  • Potential Loss of a Season due to Outbreaks

It is imperative that schools utilize any line of defense they can to attack this bacteria and protect their student athletes from injury and illness.  To  prevent the spread of these highly contagious bacteria (MRSA, impetigo, ringworm, fungus, herpes, molluscum, etc), the CDC recommends that gear be sanitized on a regular basis.

Sanitizing your equipment/facilities will eliminate odor causing bacteria harmful to the skin.   In addition, disinfecting equipment the correct way will keep bacteria from destroying the padding, thereby prolonging the life of the gear.  This results in a reduction in the cost of replacing old gear.  

Utilize the identical machines the NHL and NFL athletes use to keep their equipment and facilities bacteria free.  Sports Defenders can provide the same professional sanitization as a mobile service to your school at your convenience.

Sports Defenders will sanitize and disinfect sports gear (hockey, football, lacrosse, baseball helmets, wrestling headgear,etc), along with facilities (locker rooms, gyms, weight rooms, training rooms, wrestling rooms, etc).

  • decrease risk of infection by decreasing the microbial load on equipment
  • eliminate odor causing bacteria harmful to the skin
  • prolong life of gear without harming integrity and quality of gear
  • decrease replacement costs of new gear

Protect your students and coaches.  Protect your school.  Be Proactive.

Demonstrations Available!

Sports Defenders will perform a FREE demonstration of our services so you can see the difference for yourself. Don't you deserve the same protection as the pros? Defend your team and stop the bacteria!

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What Our Customers Say...

I liked the machine so much I purchased two myself. When we run the team's equipment through it, they just love it and continually ask for it to be done again and again.

Bert Godin
Head Equipment Manager, St. Louis Blues