We realize your business goes to great length to keep your facility clean, however, cleaning is NOT sanitizing.  Cleaning is washing surfaces with soapy water, rinsing and removing dirt and grime.  Sanitizing takes place after cleaning.  Sanitizing eradicates the harmful bacteria and infectious viruses you cannot visualize.  Clients pick up bacteria off hard surfaces, such as, floors, mats, weight benches, ballet bars, exercise equipment, etc with their hands and body.  This is how illness (MRSA, impetigo, ringworm, etc) gets spread throughout an enclosed space.

Sports Defenders VE machines will eliminate bacteria that linger in your facility after it is cleaned.  The environmentally safe process destroys bacteria that exists in the ambient air and on ceilings, walls, floors, mats, exercise equipment, weight benches, ballet bars, etc.

Utilizing the identical machines the NHL, NFL, and NCAA athletes use to keep their locker/fitness facilities bacteria free, Sports Defenders can provide the same professional sanitization as a mobile service.

Put your business on top and offer this service to your clients.

  • Decrease the infection rates by decreasing microbial load on equipment
  • Retain Current Athletes
  • Eliminate odor causing bacteria that is harmful to skin
  • Attract new Clients.

Let Sports Defenders turn your facility into a SAFE and HEALTHY environment to LEARN, WORK, AND TRAIN!

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What Our Customers Say...

The machine has been extremely helpful in terms of protecting our players from injuries. We also find that the equipment itself lasts longer and is in better condition because of the Sani Sport Treatment.

Rip Simonick
Head Equipment Manager, Buffalo Sabres