Most football programs hand down football equipment year to year due to the high cost of replacing helmets and shoulder pads.  However, there is a risk to each athlete when receiving used equipment.  Surely, the equipment managers clean the equipment….but are they eliminating all the bacteria?

Football helmets and pads harbor a high level of bacteria due to the warm, wet and confined environment.  This means that sanitizing football gear is paramount — especially if they are shared.  Football is a contact sport and players most likely will have abrasions, which can act as a port of entry for bacteria.  Protective equipment is meant to protect the player, but the dangers associated with not properly caring for your football equipment are often overlooked.

The solution is to have Sports Defenders sanitize and disinfect your football gear (helmets, shoulders pads, thigh pads, cleats).  We use the Sani-Sport ozone cleaning system, which are the identical machines used by 27 NHL and 15 NFL teams.  By utilizing the Sani Sport machines, your football equipment will be disinfected and your athlete protected!!

Please contact Sports Defenders to sanitize your equipment and protect you from dangerous bacteria, such as, MRSA, impetigo, lice, etc.


Demonstrations Available!

Sports Defenders will perform a FREE demonstration of our services so you can see the difference for yourself. Don't you deserve the same protection as the pros? Defend your team and stop the bacteria!

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What Our Customers Say...

The Sani Sport has been great for our players. We evaluated all the machines and technologies and the Sani Sport is by far the one that's best for our equipment and our players. It's the only machine that we trust in terms of safety for our staff.

Pierre Gervais
Head Equipment Manager, Montreal Canadiens