Want to protect your daycare from dangerous bacteria like MRSA, influenza, ringworm, lice, viruses, etc?
Want to attract more children to your daycare?
Want to keep your children and staff healthy and safe?
Spending hours trying to sanitize every toy, book, mat, etc?

Show your parents that you are taking additional measures to protect the health and safety of their children. Allow Sports Defenders to help prevent illness throughout your daycare facility.

We know your daycare goes to great lengths to keep your facility cleaned, however, cleaning is not sanitizing. Cleaning is washing surfaces with soapy water, rinsing and removing dirt and grime. Sanitizing takes places after cleaning. Sanitizing removes and kills the harmful bacteria and infectious viruses that you cannot visualize. Children pick up bacteria off hard surfaces with their hands and bodies. This is how illness gets spread throughout enclosed spaces.

The Sani Sport VE machine is able to eliminate bacteria and viruses that linger in your facility after it is cleaned. The environmentally safe process destroys bacteria that exists in the ambient air and penetrates the existing bacteria on all hard surfaces, including ceilings, walls, floors, mats, desks, cribs, bookshelves, etc.


Demonstrations Available!

Sports Defenders will perform a FREE demonstration of our services so you can see the difference for yourself. Don't you deserve the same protection as the pros? Defend your team and stop the bacteria!

FREE Demonstration!

What Our Customers Say...

The Sani Sport has been great for our players. We evaluated all the machines and technologies and the Sani Sport is by far the one that's best for our equipment and our players. It's the only machine that we trust in terms of safety for our staff.

Pierre Gervais
Head Equipment Manager, Montreal Canadiens