Please contact us for more information on how Sports Defenders can help your organization can protect your athletes/clients from dangerous bacteria.
Sports Defenders uses the Sani Sport technology which is a ozone cleaning system that will significantly reduce bacteria on equipment and in facilities preventing injury.

Sani Sport uses a biological process designed to eliminate bacteria and odors from sports equipment and facilities. These machines use patented technology to eradicate over 99.9% of bacteria and 100% of infectious viruses found in gear and enclosed spaces. The Sani Sport system has been scientifically tested multiple times in order to quantify effectiveness of the system in terms of bacteria reduction and subsequent protection against future bacterial growth.

Sani Sport machines are currently the most widely used bacteria and odor reduction systems in the world.

The 100% natural process will:

  • Destroy 99% of dangerous bacteria
  • Prolongs life of protective gear without harming quality and integrity of gear
  • Eliminate odors in sports equipment and facilities
  • Dry process allowing gear to be worn immediately following treatment
  • Extend life of equipment and reduces replacement costs.