After many years of playing, coaching and now cheering our son in sports, we realized a major epidemic is amongst us that must be addressed to not only protect our son, but to extend protection to all athletes that wear equipment which may carry potentially harmful, if not deadly, bacteria. Sports Defenders' mission is to provide athletes from youth to collegiate level, with bacteria free sports protective gear in a trustworthy and environmentally sound manner. We create a safe, healthy environment for athletes to stay strong and smell better.

Meet The Team


Involved in sports his entire life, he has made the full circle as an athlete from pop warner football and little league baseball to playing HS football/baseball to coaching baseball/football. Most recently, he was one of the coaches for St Andrew’s School football program that won their division conference in 2011 and 2012. No longer coaching his time now focuses on his son, Michael, who plays ice hockey and lacrosse. After working in the HVAC industry for 22 years, the economy changed and forced him to choose another direction in his life. Growing up as an athlete and now as a coach, he utilized those skills of determination, drive, discipline, and commitment to open his own company. Having a son, Michael, heavily involved in a travel ice hockey program at the time he realized there was never an easy solution to keeping his gear clean and odor free. After some thought and research the idea of Sports Defenders was born. Ed is primarily in charge of the day to day operations of the company including sales, sanitization of equipment/facilities and customer service.


As an athlete involved in youth soccer/basketball to HS captain of her field hockey and basketball teams she has always enjoyed the competitiveness of sports. That focus along with the desire to help people lead her to becoming a physician assistant in the Emergency Room for more than 25 years. She has first hand knowledge and experience in treating MRSA and various skin infections in the ER, realizing that a lot of these infections that lead to missed games and playing time could be prevented if the origin of the infection, the equipment, was sanitized properly. Now focusing on supporting her son, Michael, involved in Tier I ice hockey she understands the time and financial commitment that families and athletes are required to maintain to achieve their goals. As part of the company, Pam focuses on the billing, marketing, and office management.


Michael is the reason we do what we do.  Having a child play Tier 1 hockey as a goalie along with lacrosse as a long pole, we truly understand the demands (both financially and emotionally) parents, organizations, and schools have in providing the best equipment and resources for your athletes.  More importantly, he is understanding at a young age the importantance of sanitization and proper equipment to prevent injury.

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Sports Defenders will perform a FREE demonstration of our services so you can see the difference for yourself. Don't you deserve the same protection as the pros? Defend your team and stop the bacteria!

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What Our Customers Say...

I liked the machine so much I purchased two myself. When we run the team's equipment through it, they just love it and continually ask for it to be done again and again.

Bert Godin
Head Equipment Manager, St. Louis Blues