Sports Defenders is a one of a kind rapid response mobile business with capability to go directly to any location to pick up or perform on site sanitization of all sports protective gear and equipment. We will provide reliable and personal service to our customers by anticipating their needs and exceeding their expectations.

Utilizing the identical machine the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NCAA athletes use to keep their equipment bacteria free, we can provide the same professional sanitization as a mobile service.

This service will:

  • Eliminate odor causing bacteria that is harmful to the skin
  • Reduce risk of infection by decreasing the microbial load on equipment
  • Protect equipment from new bacterial formation
  • Extend the life of sports gear without harming integrity and quality of the gear
  • Reduce the replacement costs of new gear

Sani Sport VE - Eradicate Bacteria and Viruses

Sani Sport is the most widely used bacteria odor system in the world. The Sani Sport VE machine eradicates bacteria and viruses in your locker rooms, wrestling rooms, fitness centers, daycares, medical offices and dance / yoga / martial arts studios. These facilities are breeding grounds for germs that spread from surfaces to your clients' hands and body.